Here's a sampling of the new series and more ME info than you probably need...


Can review too that explains this art is a salute to the second SPACE RACE now occurring in the news locally and globally that will hopeful launch more disclosure and inspiration for our children, who ARE the pioneers of the future...and to their parents and others to dream big, keep minds open to other SPACE adventures (and beings) now and in the future.


It's a beautiful shift in consciousness that can be our own personal and collective 


Warm thanks and am so excited about these additions to include more multi-sensory dimensionality too..why I dove into my art when this rare and momentous time arrived...books for kids and art for ALL adds to the awareness in mind, body, spirit and into the HOME...

bringing the outdoors indoors calms, and ignites, and links us to ourselves,each other, and to the larger community on and off planet Earth.  

Mary Edwards