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Akashic Record Reading
Karmic Clearing
Jodi Serota

The main Akashic Record is a multidimensional database, much like today's cloud storage, that contains energetic imprints of every thought, action, word spoken, and emotion that has ever happened, is happening, and even probable future events for every soul since the beginning of time into infinity.

Within our own personal Oversoul and even surrounding our body, is a personal Akashic. Here, is stored the record of this lifetime and the motivating factors for incarnation, even our Karmic debt. 


Animal Communication

Have you ever wondered what your fur baby was thinking? Have you ever needed to get a message through to them whether they are on this side of the veil or have already crossed the rainbow bridge?  If so, reach out to one of our experts to make contact with your little one. 

Jacquelin Smith
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Lee's Horowitz practices a form of astrology called Astrosynthesis, where she took a masters level course based on the 15th century French astrology master, Morin Devillefranche. This practice is mixed with evolutionary astrology, based on the belief that we have multiple lifetimes and find ourselves on a continuous soul journey of evolution. Lee uses her vast knowledge of astrology, deep intuition, spirituality and a loving heart to help assist each one on their evolutionary journey, where negative qualities and perceptions can be transformed into fresh realizations and clearer life purposes. 


Oracle readings are a mystical way of making contact with your guides, angels, spirit and galactic family to bring you messages of hope and healing.   

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Crystal Skull Reading
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The Crystal Skulls are just what they sound like. They are crystals that have been carved in the shape of human skulls that have been created as tools to activate consciousness and healing. Some are large...some are from very rare stones...and many are of unknown and untraceable origin, which adds to their mystery. There are ancient carvings and contemporary carvings, but all seem to possess unique qualities. Each skull contains sacred and mystical information.  Jodi is able to use these skulls to access the information you need and are looking for 


Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy whereby practitioners use tarot cards purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future.

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Jacquelin Smith
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Jacquelin Smith

Star Origin Reading

Star Origin Readings help reconnect with your original Star Family, and Jacquelin will guide you through the process of communicating with them telepathically. This is a family reunion for your soul.

You can find out what your Star origins are (such as what star system, planet, or dimension you are originally from), which can help you to better understand you you are and your feelings.

"Adonai Vasu Barragas"
Translation: Blessings always in the Light and Love of our Infinite CreatoT
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