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Crop Circles

Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb is recognized as one of the leading crop circle researchers and educators in the U.S. and England, having visited, studied and led crop circle tours in England each summer since 1990.  She is the co-author of the book “Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols,” which is considered by her peers to be the most informative book on the subject. Lamb is also a licensed psychotherapist and an active member of the Center for Crop Circles Studies in Los Angeles and in England.

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Nadi offers a fresh new look and understanding of the sacred geometry found within crop circles.  

Earth Grids
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Based on the location of the North and South Pole and the Equator, a horizontal flow of energy runs flow runs from the axis of Earth's rotation.  The plane of the equator is an imaginary horizontal line that cuts the earth into two equal halves. These lines intersect at various points on the planet to make a matrix or grid. These grid points are found at some of Earth's strongest sacred and power places. 

Phil Gruber
Earth's TRUE History

Humanity is coming to realize that the history we have been given about our development of a species to cycles of time may have had a few details - major details - left out.  Phil shares with his students this information and more. 

Mediumship/Psychic Development

Do you desire to contact a departed loved one or someone on the other side?  Are you looking to find tune or develop your own psychic awareness?  Are you seeking messages? Or maybe, you are drawn to connect with your star family?  If so, you have come to the right section because the Ambassadors below are ready and waiting to assist you. 

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Jacquelin Smith


Numerology is the study of numbers in your life. They can tell you information about your life and the world around you.

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Paranormal Photos

Colette can capture things unseen by the naked eye. Fog, orbs, spirit beings are all being captured in photos. 

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Near Death Experience

As body begins to fade, the consciousness moves into a different state of being. It is here, between the state of physical life and death, that experiences occur that cannot be explained.  

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Are those specks of dust you see on your photos or could they be something else?  Orbs are a transportation system for the soul.  Colette is ready and waiting for you to contact her with your questions about what your phots may be reveling to you.

Remote Viewing

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Remote Viewing is the ability to use the power of your mind to see and sense non locally. Our consciousness field that is not confined to our bodies. We are energy beings. And we have energetic sense just like physical senses. Each of us here in this intensive program will be given the chance to develop our extra sensory awareness. When we do this everything comes online and we have to ability to know anything about everything about anything. In each one of is a secret chamber to infinite knowledge with an ability to transcend time and space. Learn remote viewing through one of Alan's workshops on Portal to Ascension.

Sacred Geometry

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Sacred geometry is the study of harmonic patterns that underlie and create the world around us.  It is the one thing that is found in everything!  Studying these universal patterns  increases an awareness of the interconnectivity of everything.
Drawing the balanced harmonics of Sacred Geometry can promote a sense of harmony and wellbeing within ourselves. Come find out how it works!

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Sacred Geometry Healing

Fernando uses his hand built Sacred Geometry tools, multiple energetic healing techniques, crystals, intuition, and sound healing to guide you through a mystical experience of positive transformation.



Most seances are an attempt to communicate with spirits on the other side. 

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Timeline Regeneration

In Quantum Physics there is an Energy Field, a field of endless possibilities that surrounds all of us. It is the place that inventions, innovation, inspiration, ah-ha moments and dreams are created. The multi-dimensions within the Field provide access to peoples truth of their story, life, lifetime and past, even future. Weaving their questions into clarity, order and direction. Providing knowledge for them to open the doors of possibility.

Roselind Beth Horowitz


Rosalind Beth Horowitz aka Cosmic Utopian Rose~*⚘

Higher Source/Self Channel, 
(3x NDE)(OBE) Envisionary, 
I come from a Lineage of Seers and Healers... I'm also an E.T. Contactee, Life Long experiencer, Interplanetary time traveler,  Bringing in Cosmic, Galactic, Celestial, Central Sun, Elemental & Inner Earth Photographic Transmissions, Messages Activations, Upgrades and Heart Coherence!
Here to connect us to Our Cosmic Families through Higher Consciousness & Self Awareness!
And Indeed, as a Facilitating, Contributor to Cosmic Disclosure! 
We're Not Alone & We are Loved, Dearly...

Divine Creator Source Works through Me...
IAM A Sovereign, Cosmic, Celestial, Multidimensional, Galactic Star Being, 
Higher Self Channel/Conduit /INtuit 
Receiver/Recorder and Keeper of, Cosmic/Celestial & Galactic Akashic Files Library of Photographic Transmissions through my Visual Transference Abilities...
Serving the Cosmic Community, as an Ambassador/Representative... For Our Extended Cosmic Families, Galactic Communities others as the Extension of Our Collective Consciousness! Bridging the Gap for Cosmic Disclosure and Connecting Us All with Our Expansive, Extended Cosmic, Galactic, Interdimentional Family, As We Are All, the Infinite Expressions of the Whole Unified Life-force and Field of GOD-SOURCE Consciousness!
As an Envisionary, Cosmic Time Traveler... Lifelong Experiencer/E.T. Contactee... Poet,  Cosmic Commissioned Artist, Writer, Musician/Singer Songwriter of Cosmic Utopian Chillout and Indie music Transmissions and Videos and other Creative Works through my Home based,
F.U.S.E. Production Studio:
(Full Unity Signal Earth)
I also provide my services through Energy Transference, Vibrational Healing ... Energy Worker... Light Language Activator... Chanelling my Higher Source Self and Assisting others through Conscious Council and Advisory...

Those who feel Guided, may contact me...

I work on a Basis of Availability & Intuitive Guidance...

My Sessions also provide 121, Discrete and Compassionate space for Discussion/Consultation, Advising, Inner child core wound healing, Energetic Realignment, Heart Coherence Conduction,  High Vibrational Resonator, Soul Gazing for deeper connection, Streaming of Consciousness, and INsight!
I AM INtuit! Energy Work Is Real!

Opening A Conscious Connective Awareness Gateway... 

I AM Here to Help You...

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