Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb has hypnotically regressed over 4,000  individuals, helping them to access details of encounters they've had with a variety of Extraterrestrial Beings. She has helped her clients discovered that they have contributed to a variety of ET's programs, including creating ET-Human hybrids. Some clients have discovered that they themselves are hybrid/human beings.

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Geraldine Orozco 

Through regressions, Geraldine uncovered a life-long history of abduction and participation in human hybridization, with 24 hybrid children as the result.  These Experiences prompted a powerful paradigm shift and resulted the sale of her business and leaving of her career

Jacquelin Smith

Jacquelin Smith

Jacquelin spent many nights on starships throughout her childhood learning many skills, including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. She’s been a star being many times in other star systems. Her star family in this current life who are Tall White Zeta Hybrids. They injected a DNA cocktail mix, which included their DNA as well as seven other races. This genetically enhanced Jacquelin before she was born. This makes her a hybrid, and she carries Star Being frequencies and DNA.

Marina Seren

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Marina is a psychic medium, an extrasensory-seer, a conscious channeler of my Higher Mind, an intuitive artist, an ET contactee, alien abductee, hybrid alien mother, MILAB/MK-ultra survivor, and an ex-Secret Space Program psychic supersoldier/insider. 

Marina says about her awakening, "I observed my Starseed/hybrid nature as well as the indigo/crystal energy of my aura. I started to experience strongly the awakening of my psychic abilities and ancient knowledge, activated DNA codes placed by other beings, remembered my hybrid genetic implants and my role in the First Contact event. I was starting to be visited by ET/ED entities, guides, counterparts, and star families. I would meet them in the dream time, I would travel to their planet, I would recall some of my ET and Earth past lives, I would be taught in spacecraft schools about psychic abilities and metaphysics, as well as spiritual guidance. I would also start to experience consciously my contribution to the Hybrid Programs, after an intense sexual encounter with my Pleiadian counterpart and after meeting my alien-hybrid children on ships."

Malanie Ware

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Melanie is a hybridized human who serves as a vocal channel for a YahYel counterpart, a Sasquatch counterpart, a future counterpart of this Earth who is approximately 700 years up line and a conscious channel to bridge to one's higher self.  

Whilst Melanie grew up with Extraterrestrial beings and is excited for our natural evolutionary cycle of open contact, she knows that “open contact” is an inside process first. 

Sheila Seppi

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Through working with Jacquelin Smith and Barbara Lamb, Sheila discovered that she is mother to 12 Starseed and Human/Hybrid Children.  She mothered three Arcturian children, two Mantis/Human and seven Zeta/Human children.  These children make visitations through direct contact and dreams. 

When Sheila became a Walk-In in 1999, it activated dormant clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and discernment abilities.

Valeria Bruno

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Valéria is a neurologist and a neuroscientist, but also a Healer. As a Hybrid she is a conduit of higher dimensional and extra-dimensional frequencies.