Spiritual Practices

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Celestial Shamanism is the practice of activating and anchoring interstellar light codes for personal and planetary transformation. Celestial Shamans (also called galactic or cosmic shamans) are being activated on a large scale at this time to assist in the global awakening by offering light codes through speaking, signing, and writing or drawing light language. In this live online course, you will learn the skills of the Celestial Shaman, including communicating with Your Celestial Guides, Activating DNA & Anchoring Light Codes, Managing Your Energy, Removing & Crossing Over Entities, Clearing Blocks & Negative Programming, Retrieving Soul Fragments & Rescripting Akashic Records, Activating the Light Body, Integrating the Multidimensional Soul & Embodying the Higher Self, Practicing Celestial Shamanism in Integrity, and more.

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"Celestial shamans are starseed souls showing humanity what is possible when we remember our true nature and stop following dysfunctional trends and beliefs. Celestial shamans are on-the-ground liaisons for benevolent off-planet beings working through humans to bring forth higher consciousness in the human race. In this time of great change upon the Earth, celestial shamans are being called into service. During times of great shifts on Earth, prophets and prophetesses have guided humanity in miraculous ways. These mystical celestial shamans are walking in en mass as the old paradigm is falling away and a new reality is arising. You may be one of these starseed shamans in human form working with geometric symbols, sound frequencies, and interstellar light codes. I am here to heal, inspire and uplift you, so you can remember why you are here and passionately live your life, using your talents and skills, and doing the work you came here to do."​ Joan's art can help activate the healing of your body and activate your soul." ~ Yvonne Perry

Celestial Temple Dance
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Celestial Temple Dance is the root of all sacred dance traditions, from shamanic dance to belly dance, tribal dance, and more. While it does not borrow from any of these, it unites them all. Celestial dance is not a imitation or emulation but an emanation. Like light language, Celestial Temple Dance cannot be taught and there are no prescribed movements. Rather, it is activated through spiritual practice or by being in the presence of other celestial dancers. In this live online initiation, celestial dancers will learn to offer their gift of sacred dance in service to the highest good of all by activating and anchoring light codes with light language, specifically by way of the movement of light through the body.

House Clearings/Blessings


Cleaning your home from dust and dirt is physically

important but cleaning and blessing your home of negative energies is a necessity. Negative energy can be brought into the home, be part of the home before you moved in, be part of the land or accumulate over weeks/months/years. Clearing and blessing your home is a must. 


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The meditation practices that will be shared by Dr Richard Horowitz involve elements of the yoga sutra of Patanjali along with a three-step process taught to him by meditation masters of the Karma Kagyu Tibetan lineage, during 40 years of spiritual training.


The first step, calm abiding meditation (chinay/shamata) leads to stability of mind.


The second step, insight meditation (vipassana/lhatong), helps to develop clarity of mind, especially with regard to the nature of thoughts, emotions and consciousness itself.


The third and final step, Mahamudra meditation, combines the elements of stability and insight, so as to allow the meditator to experience the basic nature of mind, the inseparable unity of clarity and emptiness.


Once in this state during group meditations, whether a beginner or advanced meditator, we will access the power of synchronistic coherence to help effect positive changes in both ourselves, i.e., self-empowerment, while helping to create positive conditions in the 'external' world. 

Spiritual Team Connection

It is said that when we incarnate we enter this world with a team of 6 members.  They stay with us our entire life. Other helpers can come and go.  Working with your team makes life on the planet so much easier.  Connect with you team.  

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Soul Retrieval

During a soul retrieval, the practitioner travels into non-ordinary reality to search for lost of missing pieces of a persons soul.  This soul loss happens as a result of trauma. Most people report that they have never felt the same after a trauma and that is a sign that a piece of their soul has left.  

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