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Angelic Communication & Connection


Colette Fletcher

Rev. Glenda Dawson

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Angels are part of your spiritual guidance team and are always ready to assist you for your greatest good.  I've been conversing with them for almost 60 years. Together, we can forge a closer communication for with your own Angels. 

Sessions offer space to heal, grow and remember who you truly are. To be re-engaged and find the courage and grace to live in alignment with what you know on the deepest level as your truth. To be free from suffering by engaging your true soul-center. To be free to live a life of true presence, joy, and purpose.​

Angelic Healing Guidance & Attunement


Colette Fletcher

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Align through the natural healing flow of Angelic guidance. Attune to the Angelic Frequencies. Mediumship from the Angelic Realm.

Angelic Art

Joan of Angels

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"I am here to heal, inspire and uplift you, so you can remember why you are here and passionately live your life, using your talents and skills, and doing the work you came here to do."​ Joan's art can help activate the healing of your body and activate your soul.

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Art is my spiritual practice, considering myself to be an Intuitive Visionary Artist creating Sacred Art and Divine Space. Using art and sound as a way to connect with the Divine and with the Universe, with the intention of helping others to recognize the divine within themselves.

Ascended Masters

During your private session, Glenda will work with you to connect with the Ascended Masters for healing, peace and conscious evolution. 

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Dr. Werner has an active on-going relationship with Saint Germaine, Jesus, Ashtar and many other Ascended Masters.  They bring him messages of hope and healing to assist you in your spiritual growth. 

"Adonai Vasu Barragas"
Translation: Blessings always in the Light and Love of our Infinite CreatoT
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