We hope you enjoy the replays of some of our past presentations. 

You can also find many of these presentations of (PTA) or PTA YouTube and on New Realities YouTube. 

Click on the zoom link below the presenter's name to be taken to their presentation. 

All of the presentations are in their original "rough" form,  with meeting room chats.

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Dr. Richard Horowitz

Achieving a Healthier Body, Mind and Spirit in the 21st Century

Barbara Hand Clow

First Conscious Awakening Speaker

Gita Rose


Hildegard Gmeiner

Self Discovery and Self Actualization

Zoom Link

Marina Seren

Waking up to Psychic Awareness

Anthony Russell

Psychic and Medium

Yvonne Perry

Light Language

Phil Gruber

Angelic Essence

Marianna Leah Hernandez

Chanelling of Mary Magdalene

Phil Gruber & Marina Seren

Ascension & Humanities History

Karl Dorey

Secret Space Program

Jodie Serota

Activations of the Highest Order

Kiara Windrider

Gaia Lightbody

Carole Stacey

Near Death and UFO's

Jacquelin Smith

Light Language

Jacquelin Smith

Experiences with Star Beings During Thanksgiving - 2013

Zoom Link

Stephanie Lodge

The Hug Angel

The Regenesis of the Personal Christos

Phil Gruber, Marina Seren, Marianna Hernandez, Jodi Serota, Sheila Seppi , Neil Gaur, Preston Hunt

Kiara Windrider

Anchoring 5 D Here and Now

JoAnne Palladino

Way-shower, Intuitive and Consciousness Guide

Carole Stacey


Teah Akrish

Secret Space Program

Phil Gruber


Marina Seren

Hybridization Program

Rob Gauthier

Messages from Aridif

Kevin Briggs

ET Contact

Joan of Angels

You Have Been Called

Andrea Perron

Welcome to the Shift

Gayle Mack

Becoming Isis

Sirve Foster

Conscious Awakening - Jan 10

Neil Gaur

Hybrid Being Science, Terminology & Ancient Evidence

Kiara Windrider

Anchoring 5 D Here and Now

Zoom Link

Hildegard Gmeiner

Self Discovery & Self Actualization

Judy Satori


Zoom Link


Angel Speaks

Zoom Link

Scott Werner

Ascension Pathway

Mary Rodwell

Crystal Children

Marc Brinkerhoff

Tells All Part 1 and Part 2

Glenda Dawson

The Veil is Thin

Kaliana & Rama

Divine Masculine & Feminine

James Twyman


Barbara Lamb

Life Adventures of Barbara Lamb

Hildegard Gmeiner

I am a Walk-In