The Alliance provides monthly and quarterly events for your educational needs.

Tri Annual Events


Monthly Zoom Meetings

To be attend our meetings, simply go to our contact page and ask to added to our mailing list.  We would love to have you!


Monthly Zoom

Cosmic Conservations

Second Monday and Every Thrusday

Age of Pandora

Toronto Contact Group

New Realities

July Cosmic Conservations Speakers

July 1 - Mary Rodwell - Crystal Children


July 8 -  James Twyman - Making Peace

July 12 - Barbara Lamb - Crop Circles, Hybrids, Abductions and more


July 15 - Family Reunion 

July 22 - Marianna Leah Hernandez - Channeling Mary Magdalene in celebration of the Mary Magdalene Feast Day


July 29- Kaliana and Rama - Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Replays of
Monthly Zoom Meetings