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Conscious Awakening Series

Monday, January 24  2022 
7pm Mountain Time

Jacquelin Smith

Jacquelin Smith, B.A., C.Ht. is an internationally known star and animal communicator, light linguist, and author.  She is a hybrid and has been communicating with star beings, interdimensional beings, and animals since early childhood.  She communicates with a wide variety of star races, including Mantis, Tall White Zeta Masters, and many others.  Jacquelin is also a hypnotherapist and assists people with processing their experiences with star beings with connecting them to their star family.


She does light language sessions with others and brings through star being music, along with their star language, which activates a person to be more authentic and open to communicate with star beings.


Jacquelin’s the author of Animal Communication - Our Sacred Connection With Animals, Star Origins And Wisdom of Animals, and Star Being in the Mirror - My Journey as a Hybrid.  www.jacquelinsmith.com



Jacquelin will discuss some of her experiences which she wrote about in her new book, Star Being in the Mirror. These occurred during Thanksgiving 2013 and include a starcraft that flew over her house which resulted in grass growing through snow in her yard overnight. She’ll tell us about molecular changes that happened on an owl statue, and how chicken wire outside curled overnight after the craft flew over her house.  Also, Jacquelin will share how Grey visitors came through a portal and into her house, and she’ll talk about visiting a Mothership.

Jacquelin Smith

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Cosmic Conversations

Thursday, January 27, 2022 
6pm Mountain Time


a Photo Presentation 

by Roselind Beth Horowitz and

April Cotton Dyck

Rosalind Beth Horowitz aka Cosmic Utopian Rose~*⚘

Higher Source/Self Channel, 
(3x NDE)(OBE) Envisionary, 
I come from a Lineage of Seers and Healers... I'm also an E.T. Contactee, Life Long experiencer, Interplanetary time traveler,  Bringing in Cosmic, Galactic, Celestial, Central Sun, Elemental & Inner Earth Photographic Transmissions, Messages Activations, Upgrades and Heart Coherence!
Here to connect us to Our Cosmic Families through Higher Consciousness & Self Awareness!
And Indeed, as a Facilitating, Contributor to Cosmic Disclosure! 
We're Not Alone & We are Loved, Dearly...

Divine Creator Source Works through Me...
IAM A Sovereign, Cosmic, Celestial, Multidimensional, Galactic Star Being, 
Higher Self Channel/Conduit /INtuit 
Receiver/Recorder and Keeper of, Cosmic/Celestial & Galactic Akashic Files Library of Photographic Transmissions through my Visual Transference Abilities...
Serving the Cosmic Community, as an Ambassador/Representative... For Our Extended Cosmic Families, Galactic Communities others as the Extension of Our Collective Consciousness! Bridging the Gap for Cosmic Disclosure and Connecting Us All with Our Expansive, Extended Cosmic, Galactic, Interdimentional Family, As We Are All, the Infinite Expressions of the Whole Unified Life-force and Field of GOD-SOURCE Consciousness!... Email:  CosmicUtopianRose@gmail.com

Roselind Beth Horowitz

April Cotton Dyck - Artist

April Cotton Dyck is a visual artist living on Vancouver Island, BC.  Born in 1962, April grew up in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  She has had ongoing, conscious contact experiences with Et's UFO's and has a wealth of photos to corroborate her experiences.


As a self-taught contemporary artist, her artistic style is uniquely original to her. Her exceptional life experiences shapes her artwork.  Her colourful paintings are a varied selection of abstract, representative and figurative subjects.  She is known for her playfulness with perspective and enjoys trying to provoke a feeling in the viewer.  Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, United States and Britain.


She was born en caul and since the tender age of three has been able to see what other people cannot.  April survived being trapped in a burning house at the age of 7.   From a young age and into her teenage years she was a constant runaway and relies heavily on her highly developed intuitive skills.


Despite her difficult early years, she wrote and illustrated her first book at the age of 9.  She has won multiple awards for her scholastic studies, community service work in the arts, as well as her tireless support of the homeless community.


April enjoys travelling and had a management career in international hotel chains across Canada.  She retired from the workforce due to health challenges with Lyme disease and CFS.  She fills her time with prayer, study, painting and gardening.


Website:    www.consciousnessstudio.ca           


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